Berlin, April 26, 2021

The new Gold’s Gym in Berlin

Berlin, April 26, 2021. Gold’s Gym, the world’s most well-known fitness chain, is debuting its new studio concept. Building work on the Gold’s Gym Campus Europe in Berlin-Spandau was carried out during lockdown. The result is a 5,200 m² facility that is both CO2 and climate-neutral. Its use of recyclable materials and a level of energy efficiency that is unique for fitness studios have even awarded with the LEED Certificate – an international standard that recognizes particularly sustainable construction – at the highest Platinum level.


Gold’s Gym Campus Europe – The world’s greenest gym!
No other commercial gym can boast such an environmentally friendly concept: the gym’s endurance area has 10-metre-tall trees that filter out pollutants from the air and significantly improve the atmosphere. Extremely hard-wearing floors made of discarded car tires or cork have been laid. The cogeneration unit runs on biogas, a solar flower harnesses the sun’s energy and stores it, and wall tiles are made from recycled computer monitors. And in partnership with the Technical University of Berlin, a technology has been developed that makes it possible to generate electricity from muscle power on 150 bicycle ergometers, or “Boost Bikes”.


The Mecca of Fitness and Bodybuilding – quality and performance

It’s not only when it comes to sustainability that Gold’s Gym Campus Europe refuses to make compromises. Established in 1965 in California, the brand is synonymous with passion and success in training like no other. Previous members Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno launched their careers at Gold’s Gym Venice—a legacy that lives on to this day.

The new Gold’s Gym is setting new standards on European soil with its professional personal training, premium equipment from partner gym80 and all-round concept. The Pure Kraft Strong equipment line, the Posing Room and the heaviest golden dumbbells in the world will help Berlin-Spandau become a pilgrimage site for fitness enthusiasts in the future. Coinciding with the opening of the studio, fans of the brand can also purchase a large selection of clothing, merchandise, and nutrition products either at the studio itself or from the new online store.

As well as an outdoor gym for all members, awaiting visitors to the Campus is also a Performance Center—provided they participate in a competitive sport. This specially equipped area is reserved exclusively for top athletes. Everyone from footballers and track and field athletes to basketballers can come here to effectively supplement their everyday training. Once it opens, the studio will also become the official base of the Federation of German Professional Boxers.

Further training for its own employees and workshops and seminars for members will be offered through the Gold’s Gym Academy, in which the knowledge from over five decades of bodybuilding history will be continued with new, innovative approaches and shared with the community via a content platform.

“Fitness and bodybuilding are our passions—and also the driving force behind the development of the concept for the new Gold’s Gym Campus Europe. But we have also taken into consideration the extraordinary history of this legendary brand, a new awareness of responsibility and the wishes of the many members who train with Gold’s Gym around the world. And we are incredibly proud of the result because with the Gold’s Gym Campus Europe we can guarantee our members a performance-oriented training experience, along with plenty of fun and success. As soon as we have the green light from the government, we will open,” says Pierre Geisensetter, Head of Communications for the fitness studio brands of the RSG Group.


Gold’s Gym Campus Europe

Paulsternstrasse 22, 13629 Berlin

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday, 6:00 am – midnight

Prices: 50 euros/month with studio obligation (12-month contract), 70 euros/month incl. all studio brands of the RSG Group (12-month contract), pre-sale from 30 euros/month with studio obligation (12-month contract)


About Gold’s Gym:
From Venice Beach to a global player: what started out as a small fitness studio in California/USA in 1965 has since become the most well-known and traditional fitness company in the world. Gold’s Gym. In the last 55 years, Gold’s Gym has developed into a global brand with just under 700 studios that has expanded to six continents with three million members. In July 2020, the RSG Group acquired Gold’s Gym in a court-approved auction process and integrated the brand into its portfolio, thereby making it the global leader in the fitness and lifestyle sector. With Gold’s Gym Campus Europe in Berlin, the RSG Group is running the world’s most sustainable gym.