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The history of our Group began with our first studio in Würzburg in 1997. We now have a presence at around 1,000 locations worldwide. We want to continue expanding in the future and are looking for new, suitable properties in Germany or abroad to do so.

Our requirements


  • Areas in densely populated urban centers, preferably in metropolitan areas and in major cities
  • Highly visible properties with a high population density in the immediate vicinity
  • Situated on busy roads or in city centers with good public transportation connection

Area size and composition

  • Areas from 1,500 m²
  • Upper floors or room layouts over several floors also possible, provided a direct connection between the floors is available or feasible
  • Clear room height from 3.0 m and a floor traffic load from 5 kN/m² required

Parking and operating hours

  • Regularly 80 parking spaces are required (depending on location, shared use may be possible)
  • Our concepts are sometimes open up to 24 hours, therefore a corresponding access to the rental space is required


  • The sought-after space must allow for highly visible advertising to the surrounding environment and infrastructure