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Modern company
fitness benefits

A tailor-made benefit offer for every company

Regular training has been shown to improve performance and motivation. Joint training can support the team spirit of employees and a stronger working atmosphere. Whether at home, in our studios or directly on site in the company – the RSG Group offers several options that perfectly fit the corporate culture within any spatial conditions. Fitness has been known to help reduce employee absenteeism. As a global leader in fitness and lifestyle innovation, we provide a modern corporate fitness offering for every company.


Company car, company laptop, company mobile phone… company fitness?

The BUSINESS-MEMBERCARD should be basic equipment for a modern workplace, giving your employees the possibility to use one of our more than 240 studios all over Europe. Whether hybrid or remote, a health-promoting balance is fundamental to every work concept.

PrePaid Membership

21st century vouchers and coupons for your employees

Our prepaid memberships are time-limited memberships that you can give away to your employees as a bonus or additional benefit. This can be especially helpful for companies trying to be competitive in recruiting top talent. All our brands are available for you to choose from.