Berlin & Gelsenkirchen, September 3, 2020

RSG Group acquires 35% stake in gym80

A move that further cements the company’s position as the world’s leading fitness brand.

Berlin & Gelsenkirchen, September 03, 2020: RSG Group GmbH and fitness equipment manufacturer gym80 International GmbH are taking their long-standing collaboration to the next level by becoming business partners. The world’s no. 1 fitness company, the RSG Group, has now become the sole investor in gym80, acquiring a 35% stake in the leading German fitness equipment manufacturer. Both companies—and their CEOs—can look back on what is now 25 years of shared history and are delighted about this new mutual show of commitment. Even the first McFIT gym, which belongs to the RSG Group and opened in Würzburg in 1997, was fitted out with gym80 fitness equipment. The two parties also plan to cooperate closely on the RSG Group’s future expansion plans, e.g., to the USA as well as to Britain and France.

Completing the 360-degree approach

The RSG Group’s investment in gym80 closes a gap that is fundamental for the company: close cooperation with the industry. This rounds off its 360-degree approach of offering customers everything related to fitness from a single source. “For me, it’s like closing the supply chain and being able to play and manage the entire repertoire in the future,” says a proud Rainer Schaller, founder and CEO of the RSG Group. “This is absolutely unique in the industry to date and will further boost our position as a leader in fitness and lifestyle innovation. Up to now, we have covered all elements of the gym world with our brand portfolio and many years of expertise. Likewise, we inspire our customers with passion, among other things, providing information and entertainment, driving the future of digitalization, and producing nutritional supplements precisely tailored to all needs. And we are now starting a new chapter that I am very excited about. Producing custom equipment, as well as home gym solutions, has now become a very realistic and tangible proposition,” Schaller adds.

When friendship becomes partnership

Simal Yilmaz, CEO of gym80, is delighted to be partnering with the RSG Group: “Taking this step together requires a basis of deep, mutual trust. We have already learned a lot from each other in the past and have been able to help each other develop enormously on a day-to-day basis. As the CEO of gym80, I am looking forward to an exciting future and to opening up new areas of business together with the RSG Group. Creative freedom, the innovative exchange of ideas, absolute individualization, and almost limitless possibilities make me proud and will provide inspiration for us all. This is a unique way of combining the industry’s expertise and pooling opportunities and potential for the future. This will enable our company to operate on an even more international scale and offer greater opportunities.”

Rainer Schaller adds: “gym80 has been an integral part of our corporation for decades. The quality, innovation and excellent durability of its equipment are, in my eyes, undisputed. It is also the “Made in Germany” quality that always impresses me as an entrepreneur. By consolidating our partnership, we are continuing along the path we have taken so far—beyond Europe and the approaches currently in place at the RSG Group.”

Opening up new markets

As well as independent projects, which both companies will continue to pursue regardless of the newly formed partnership, the focus will be on working together to open up new markets—with ideas, concepts and equipment developed individually to meet their particular needs and cultural factors.

“The merger of industrial partner and service provider has resulted in something that did not exist in this form previously. The industry typically supplies its equipment primarily to B2B partners and knows very little about end customers since they have no direct contact with them. This means it depends on information provided by third parties. We are now changing all that. Investing in the industry means we can now start our own brand-building: B2C with the customers themselves—carried out by our own in-house agency. The close proximity and interaction with our members provide us with direct insights and allows us to respond immediately to any input and their individual needs. This opens up unprecedented opportunities,” says Schaller.

Simal Yilmaz adds: “In the future we will continue to benefit from our existing expertise, share experience, conduct ongoing needs assessments, and maintain our open communication both internally and externally. Our unbridled passion has made us extremely successful in the past and that is exactly what makes us so strong as partners now.”

“There are some partnerships that are just meant to be,” is how Schaller and Yilmaz sum up the merger.


About RSG Group:
With 6.4 million members in studios and digital offers, the RSG Group is the world’s No. 1 when it comes to fitness. Our strong brands and future-oriented concepts include the world’s most well-known fitness brand Gold’s Gym, fitness studio chains McFIT, the JOHN REED family (JOHN REED Fitness Music Club, JOHN REED Women’s Club, JOHN & JANE’S, THE REED) and High5, online workouts CYBEROBICS, fitness planner app LOOX, the unique training experience Master of Enthusiasm, our own sports nutrition Qi², our in-house model agencies McFIT MODELS and PEARL Management, artist management agency TIGERPOOL that represents fashion label MARCELL VON BERLIN and street artist RON MILLER, exclusive cake brand Steven Baker and THE MIRAI, where we motivate millions of people to get more active while having fun. With our varied portfolio, we ensure we remain a key component of our customers’ active everyday lives.

About gym80:
Founded in 1980 and loyal to the Ruhr region ever since, gym80 has become one of the leading manufacturers of strength training, fitness, medical and performance equipment. gym80 has its headquarters and manufacturing facilities – boasting a production depth of over 95% —in the heart of Germany, in Gelsenkirchen, at the heart of Europe. The company is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2020. Four decades in which it has been writing the history of a completely new generation of equipment: with excellent biomechanics, detailed precision and clear design, gym80 has revolutionized equipment manufacturing and therefore training, which it continues to further improve. Its production process combines state-of-the-art and innovative technology with both traditional and advanced craftsmanship. “Made in Germany” and the highest quality standards unquestionably set the brand apart and allow for a unique workout experience.