Berlin, February 28, 2019

McFIT GLOBAL GROUP GmbH becomes RSG Group GmbH

Over the last 22 years of the company’s history, the brand portfolio of the McFIT GLOBAL GROUP (Europe’s number one, almost two million customers, around 300 studios in seven countries), alongside its parent brand McFIT, has grown to 12 brands encompassing the areas of art, fashion, design and lifestyle on top of the core focus of fitness. It’s therefore high time that the corporate umbrella, which brings together all the concepts and brands, reflected this diversity. “The fact that we have chosen a new name for ourselves is a clear sign of the growth and maturity that we as a group have gradually achieved”, says Rainer Schaller (50), commenting on the renaming of the company, which will in future bear his name as RSG Group GmbH (Rainer Schaller Global Group GmbH).

Global innovation leader in the fitness and lifestyle segments

“For over 20 years we have been and stood for many things, but we have never stood still”, says Rainer Schaller. And he continues: “The RSG Group pursues one clear goal: to offer a solution for every requirement in the fitness and lifestyle segments and to be a 360-degree partner.” Under the umbrella of the RSG Group, all the existing brands will remain in place. These include the fitness studio concepts McFIT, High5, and the JOHN REED Family (JOHN REED Fitness Music Club, JOHN REED Women’s Club, JOHN’S BOOTCAMP), but also the varied online workouts from CYBEROBICS, the fitness planner LOOX (as an app and an online magazine), premium sports nutrition Qi², the biggest sports model agency in Europe, McFIT MODELS, and the world’s first center for fitness sport, THE MIRAI. The creative hub of the JOHN REED Family, THE REED (with restaurant, deli, bar and club), and the artist management agency TIGERPOOL, which promotes selected designers and artists, seem to be the odd ones out at first glance, yet they represent fundamental building blocks of the Group, since it is precisely these operations that foster the creativity which feeds into and enriches all the RSG Group’s brands.
Rainer Schaller: “Our strong brands and innovative concepts ensure that the RSG Group remains an essential part of the active daily lives of our customers. Our ideas and their realization set new standards time and again, and this is what makes us the global innovation leader in the fitness and lifestyle segment.”

Outlook for 2019

Rainer Schaller, who is the visionary behind all the corporation’s brands, will act as a source of ideas and impulses for the RSG Group to further existing and new projects, while Vito Scavo will be by his side taking care of operational business. “These days, we need to appeal to customers in a way that is targeted and diversified. To this end, we are expanding our boutique concepts and taking our first, pioneering steps in the premium segment – with a fitness and social club”, Schaller reveals. Alongside fitness and wellness, this will be characterized by sophisticated gastronomy, intriguing hotel suites, and an exclusive design and ambiance that has never been seen before. The RSG Group will also execute its planned market launches in Switzerland, Turkey, the USA and France in 2019.