Madrid, December 13, 2021

Football Superstar Sergio Ramos and Fitness Entrepreneur Rainer Schaller join forces to launch the next evolution in fitness – SERGIO RAMOS by JOHN REED previews to global fanfare in Madrid

Madrid, December 13, 2021. The secret is out and the wait is over! The official debut of the innovative fitness collaboration SERGIO RAMOS by JOHN REED took place tonight in Madrid in front of media from around the globe. Enjoying a sneak preview before doors open to the public in mid-January 2022, journalists experienced first-hand the power of combining the personal workout world of Sergio Ramos, one of international football’s biggest stars, with the style, know-how and execution that RSG Group founder, owner & CEO Rainer Schaller has developed over 20 years in the fitness and lifestyle industry. Together, the two friends were on hand to personally host attendees and answer questions about the partnership and why RSG Group’s JOHN REED brand was the perfect concept to bring Sergio Ramos’ training philosophy to the public.

The partnership between Rainer Schaller and Sergio Ramos began as a friendship several years ago that evolved into a wider collaboration as both men found a common passion for innovation, discipline and success in their respective fields. These shared values provided the spark for SERGIO RAMOS by JOHN REED.

“I am very happy that a real friendship has developed between Sergio and me,” said Rainer Schaller. “From the first time we met, we were on the same wavelength. Sergio is an exceptional athlete, a focused and goal-oriented professional with vision, and he stands for success through discipline like no other. I am delighted that we are now also business partners.”

Added Sergio Ramos, “I am an adventurer, just like Rainer, and for great adventures you need a perfect team. That’s what we are. I can’t think of a better partner than the world’s top fitness company, RSG Group, and the JOHN REED brand with all the experience in mixing fitness, music, design and lifestyle.”


The 21,530 square foot studio, inspired by boutique fitness studios, is divided into five areas. A critical difference is SERGIO RAMOS by JOHN REED also offers an extensive gym area. The special training concept includes several classes, each with different training goals and focuses, all of which build on each other in terms of content and are designed by experts together with Sergio Ramos across functional, running, boxing, strength, agility and cardio categories. In addition, there are a series of group workouts called Master Classes, which aim to improve quality and promote the correct execution of exercises. Utilizing these techniques, anyone can become a professional like Sergio Ramos with discipline, strength and motivation. The fact that all workouts are regularly pushed by the beats of live DJ sets increases motivation and additionally ensures an incomparable club atmosphere during training.


The design of SERGIO RAMOS by JOHN REED, with details and art inspired by the personality of Sergio Ramos and curated by himself, highlights the cosmopolitan and open-minded vibe of the star. At the same time, it creates a unique club atmosphere that makes Sergio Ramos’ always present, which further motivates and inspires all those who train. All aspects of the brand, as well as the club itself, represent the lifestyle and values that Sergio Ramos and JOHN REED share. SERGIO RAMOS by JOHN REED defines a mix of boutique fitness, music, design and art into a completely new and unique concept.


Sergio Ramos has been an international icon for years due to his desire, will to win and strength on the football pitch. Simultaneously, he lives and loves style, aesthetics and design. Both worlds have been combined in a high quality, limited production clothing capsule collection – available from the official opening in the mid of January 2022 and only onsite at the club.

Additionally, potential members are encouraged to sign up via the website starting today to get access to their first workout at the club when SERGIO RAMOS by JOHN REED opens mid of January 2022. Since membership numbers will be capped, it will be vital to access the offer quickly.


SERGIO RAMOS by JOHN REED is the only place in the world that offers people the opportunity to “Train like Sergio!” and benefit from the world-class training methods and philosophy that have guided Sergio during his career. The workouts and ideas, developed by Sergio and the world’s best coaches, are available only at this concept. Combined with classic boutique fitness elements and a comprehensive gym area, SERGIO RAMOS by JOHN REED provides a true holisitic fitness experience like no other. Whether alone on equipment or free weights, in classes with others or on 1:1 sessions with personal coaches – members get an optimal training spectrum for each of their personal goals. SERGIO RAMOS by JOHN REED is pure emotion. While extraordinary art and fascinating design are found in JOHN REED Fitness Music Clubs all over the world, they are completely redefined here. Together, we are creating something unprecedented with SERGIO RAMOS by JOHN REED.

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