Berlin, November 4, 2022

Berlin, November 04, 2022. The last few days have left us shaken and devastated. Today, it is with great dismay that we share the news that Rainer Schaller and his son have been identified as the deceased from the plane crash off the coast of Costa Rica. His life partner, her daughter, our colleague and the pilot, who were also on board, are still among the missing.

At this difficult time, our heartfelt sympathy goes out to the families of all those who lost their lives in this accident or who remain missing. Words cannot adequately express our grief over these tragic events, nor can they do justice to the sympathy we feel for the relatives who are missing or have lost a loved one in this accident – but we would like to try anyway:

Rainer was more than just the founder and guiding light of our company. He was someone who inspired people to reach for the stars. Who encouraged others to believe in themselves and their own potential and was firmly convinced that there are no limits to those who pursue common goals with united forces.

As a visionary, he pushed ideas forward and made them a reality. With his boundless passion for innovation, he has achieved the impossible, which no one else believed in at first.

As founder, owner and CEO, he created and lived a corporate culture where trust is sown and true friendship is reaped alongside success.

As a friend and mentor, he was there for others unconditionally. At eye level, approachable and open, he listened to others and provided reassurance – especially when they needed it most.
As a person, Rainer loved life. And yet, he never forgot that you must go through struggle in order to grow.

In 25 years, there were countless moments when we worked together, celebrated, laughed, and motivated each other. We will remember every one of them that shaped us as a company and as an RSG Group family – gratefully and proudly. All these moments will drive us to continue Rainer’s vision and to let his values, which are firmly rooted in our everyday life, live on.

For Rainer and his family.
For our colleagues, friends and long-time companions.
And for all those whose lives they have touched as much as ours.

The RSG Group family