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Urban Culture Art
from Berlin

Since 2016, the artist duo RON MILLER has been a part of the RSG Group. Behind it are the two Berliners Ronny Kindt and Marcus Langenick, who share a long friendship and common roots in metropolitan culture. The background of the two unconventional artists strongly influences their urban conceptual art in terms of themes, aesthetics and modes of expression.

Guiding Motif: The Geisha

The trademark of the multidisciplinary artists is the iconic geisha, who plays a central role in many of their works. She represents the constant change of contemporary notions of identity.
A-FENCE: Wandbild von 10 Heldinnen am Berliner Alexanderplatz 

International fame

The works of RON MILLER have already been displayed at worldwide art exhibitions and fairs in Miami, New York, Paris, London, Madrid, Milan, Monaco, Zurich and can also be seen in many of our JOHN REED Music Clubs. The artwork can be purchased in galleries as well as online. Stars like Hugh Jackman, Jamie Foxx and Kate Hudson are among the most prominent owners of their works.