Maximum cuddle factor and inner balance on our alpaca farm on Majorca

Our 10,000 square meter alpaca farm on Majorca, which is open for use to friends and RSG Group employees, regularly also welcomes external animal and nature lovers, so that they can get to know our 20 cuddly companions in the idyllic surroundings of the Balearic Island. Alpacas are tame and gentle animals, which can be stroked and fed - naturally only when they want to. They have a calming effect on people, establish individual contact with them, sense their state of mind, and respond to the mood. The therapy animals considerably increase a person's zest for life, support regeneration and confidence, and improve concentration and learning ability. We believe it is important to create a place of balance and tranquility apart from work, which can help people, especially children, who find our increasingly fast-paced world particularly trying, to ground themselves and rediscover their own rhythm. This gave our founder Rainer Schaller the idea of implementing this unique personal project, which supports and promotes our company culture and also enables visitors from outside the company to enjoy intense moments of getting back to the basics.