Oberhausen, November 3, 2020

THE MIRAI builds digital fitness platform and detaches itself from physical location in Oberhausen

Oberhausen, November 03, 2020. Due to the global pandemic, lighthouse project THE MIRAI is adapting its concept by detaching itself from its physical location in Oberhausen and creating a digital platform that will significantly drive forward research and development, as well as the entire fitness industry.

The global coronavirus pandemic is presenting companies around the world with new challenges. And it has also changed the course that THE MIRAI was originally going to take. To continue pursuing the basic idea of setting ground-breaking standards, it is essential to look ahead to the future with determination and a bold approach. That is why the world’s first center for fitness, which was originally designed as a 365-day tradeshow, is adapting its location-based business model and harnessing new potential.


THE MIRAI is the future – a future that has changed because of COVID-19

“Due to global restrictions, traditional formats like trade fairs, congresses and conferences are no longer possible in their usual form at present and it is likely that future concepts will differ from those we have known in the past,” says Yüce Yücel, CEO of THE MIRAI. At the same time, the pandemic is clearly demonstrating how important digitalization and scientific findings are for our health. The digital collection of fitness and health data plays a pivotal role in this and has become more important than ever. “As a leading driver of innovation, one of our main focuses is still on investing in the fields of research and development in a fitness and health context, and to establish and drive them forward. For us, this means bringing together all industry players in a decentralized way—and now also digitally,” explains Yücel.


Worldwide unique infrastructure for smart data analysis

As an industry-spanning virtual platform, THE MIRAI brings together people who work out, companies from different sectors, the fitness industry and science, as well as experts worldwide. The overriding objective in this is to enable all people—regardless of their origin, age, and income—access to exercise and to support them to lead a fit and healthy life in a fun way.

To drive forward this vision, THE MIRAI has created a digital infrastructure and developed first prototype. The use of applications and wearables will enable the collection and centralized evaluation of fitness, health and exercise data. Completely new in this context is the collection of 3D movement data. This method also monitors the muscle’s level of fatigue, the speed of the movement and, where required, even corrects movement patterns in the three-dimensional space.

All data is saved in a secure data hub and analyzed and processed by an artificial intelligence (AI). Specialized in big data, the AI detects logics and, using algorithms, generates new and comprehensive information that is not only of major significance for the fitness industry, but also for research and development in the health sector.


Technologies for a healthier world on the move

By integrating the most diverse partners on one platform, a unique ecosystem is created that hasn’t existed in this form up to now and which represents a milestone for the fitness and health sector. THE MIRAI networks key partners to help tackle the great challenges of our time.

The spectrum of innovations that can be further developed by THE MIRAI is practically inexhaustible: from wearables and 3D motion tracking devices that enable intelligent performance analysis in real time, to hyper-personalized training and nutrition recommendations. Digital diagnostics applications using the same core technologies and mixed-reality environments are fundamentally changing how and where fitness enthusiasts will interact with one another in the future and are providing a first glimpse of everything that will be possible in the future.

The exceptional concentration of expertise on THE MIRAI platform has the potential to revolutionize research and development in the health and fitness sector. “We have set out to get people moving and therefore make the world a healthier and better place. As a central driver of new developments and the first overarching platform to rethink the fields of research and development, we will live up to this mission and are optimistic about what the future holds,” explains CEO Yücel.