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The history of our group starts with our first gym in Würzburg in 1997. Our presence has now grown to include around 1,000 locations worldwide. We want to continue to expand in the future and are looking for new, attractive real estate both domestically and abroad.

We are particularly interested in unique locations with a history and exceptional architecture. When renovating, we always make sure that we retain the structural characteristics and integrate this into our design. For example, the JOHN REED Fitness Music Club in Salzburg is located on the premises of the former Elmo theater and the High5 Gym in Lübeck was a bank, of which the solid safe door is a constant reminder. In Hanover, we opened a new studio in the historical settings of the old central freight station.

You can find the specific demands that we place on our real estate under the various tabs, sorted by brands.

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  • Areas primarily located in densely populated urban conglomerations, preferably in cities and large towns.

  • Clearly visible buildings with a high population density in the immediate vicinity, situated along heavily frequented roads or in city centers.

  • Generally starting at 1.300 square meters. Depending on the location, we are also looking for upper floors or floor plans across multiple levels. In the latter case, a direct connection between the floors must exist or be feasible.

  • Clear room height starting at 3.0 meters. Floor live load starting at 500 kg/m².

  • 80 parking spaces are normally required.

  • Some of our concepts are open up to 24 hours a day, so we require corresponding access to the rental area.

  • The area that we are looking for must enable the clearly visible presentation of advertising in relation to the adjacent environment and infrastructure. Use our form to contact us.

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