We believe that we can only achieve our objectives in the long term if we live up to our responsibilities as a market leader. This means that we see fair competition as the driver of the entire sector. That we take responsibility for protecting ourselves and our partners against unfair business practices. Compliance is a key topic for all companies and safeguards us and our employees against compensation claims, fines and reputational damage.

The Compliance Guidelines are our guidelines for fair cooperation and legally impeccable conduct and apply to all our employees. They represent a demand on ourselves, and at the same time they are a promise to the outside world.

Code of Conduct

We have created an anonymous whistleblower platform to report possible violations. If you observe or know of any behavior that may constitute a violation of laws and internal guidelines or unethical behavior, we ask you to report it here and actively support us in clarifying the matter:

Whistleblower Platform

Confidentiality and the protection of whistleblowers are our highest priority. You may find out more about possible violations in our FAQs.